Spur Conveyor

Spur conveyors for industrial automation solutions in food and packaging

The spur conveyor is mainly characterized because it is straight, that is, it cannot make sharp curves during the run, normally it has no vertical inclination but a slight inclination can be used if necessary as long as there is no risk of the trays, boxes or bottles tipping over or falling. In addition, a great advantage is that it can be designed to withstand high temperatures during the production process.

Spur conveyors for high temperature automation

How does a spur conveyor work?

The operation of the conveyor can be through a belt or mesh made of panels that are joined together and are driven by a motor that allows them to move continuously.

Benefits of a spur conveyor

  • Can withstand high temperatures.
  • Avoids production downtime.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Keeps the merchandise safe during its route.

Industries where a spur conveyor is ideal.

This type of industrial conveyor is generally used for internal company logistics, packaging and food, below we describe what each application would be like:

Internal logistics

spur conveyors to automate internal logistics in the workplace

A spur conveyor can support you internally in your workplace to transport boxes or trays containing products or raw materials, you can ensure that they remain stable throughout the entire journey.

Packaging and food

spur conveyors to automate filling and packaging products

It is important to avoid spillage of food products during production, so with a spur conveyor you will be able to fill PVC bottles, canned food and other food products with the security that the product will not be thrown away.

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