Monitran vibration Sensors

Monitran vibration sensors allow preventive treatment of machinery to avoid failures

​​Monitran vibration sensors allow you to optimally measure different processes and high frequency changes such as pressure, temperature, acceleration, among others; the most important benefit of a vibration sensor is its function of preventive control and not corrective, so you can anticipate possible failures that cause damage to your machinery that pause the flow of production and generate economic losses. 

The operation is simple, the machines have a natural vibration of use but when it increases or decreases the sensor detects anomalies in the machine or wear.

Vibration sensor to measure different processes and high frequency changes

Monitran accelerometer sensor 

This type of sensor measures the level of vibration in rotating parts of machines such as motors, fans or compressors working with bearings and gearboxes. Accelerometers are rugged, easy to install and adaptable to any type of machine and can function properly regardless of conditions, making them ideal for working in hazardous areas. 

The main function of the Accelerometer is to monitor the regular vibration measurements in the machine, if this measurement is altered it may be due to bearing wear, poor assembly or lack of balance, so if it is not detected it may cause failures and safety hazards. 

Accelerometers are the most widely used vibration sensors in the market because they are economical and very durable compared to other types of sensors, in addition, they have a wide range of frequencies which allows them to adapt to any sector or industrial machine.

Monitran accelerometer for measures the vibration level in rotating parts

Industrial sectors using vibration sensors

  • Aerospace industry
  • Medical and biomedical industry
  • Laboratories
  • Automotive Industry 
  • Construction Industry
  • Paper Industry 
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Robotics and technology

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