Industrial lighting solutions

Industrial lighting solutions automation

We have a wide variety of industrial lighting solutions of the highest quality, resistant and at the forefront of the latest technology, they also adapt perfectly to the automation of existing circuits and machinery. The right lighting in your machinery and workplace guarantees you to maximize the safety, productivity and efficiency of your production line, in addition, a failure in the lighting can bring serious consequences and increase the possibility of accidents. 

We can advise on the distribution and type of ideal light according to the needs of your company, remember that all our products are completely customized and designed to achieve a precise industrial automation system.

Industrial LED Products

An indispensable element when it comes to industrial lighting thanks to its versatility and practicality, LED lights can be used in warehouses, racks, production areas, freezers, humid, airtight or dangerous interiors. 

One of the main advantages of LED lights is that, because they work with electroluminescence, they do not heat up and are safer for food grade, automotive or wood, paper and/or textile manufacturing sectors. 

LED lighting is also distinguished by its color versatility, energy and cost savings, long life and ease of automation and intelligent ignition.

Industrial LED lights Automated

Industrial special lamps

We design specialized and customized lighting according to the needs of your industrial plant regardless of the sector in which you are located, the height of the ceilings or the production area.

If you require a customized industrial lighting system with special lamps, we can support you with the lighting distribution plan in your workplace with solutions and products resistant to dust, high temperatures and humidity.

Special Lamps and Safety Light Curtain

Safety Light Curtain

Safety light curtains can detect anything from a foreign element or material to support more advanced applications; they are mainly used to protect machines or create barriers.

Safety light curtains are safe, efficient, resistant and do not require large space for installation. They guarantee an increase in safety performance because they have a people detection system to avoid injuries, they are ideal for industrial automation in factories and protect your machinery against failure or damage.

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