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Within the multiple services we offer, field service is of utmost importance, since we seek at all times that during the course of your production process you can obtain the best tools, guidance and support from us for conflict resolution and efficiency.

We can carry out the electrical installations and the necessary maintenance to guarantee maximum efficiency in your company and avoid possible accidents

We can support your company with the necessary industrial electrical installations, maintenance and constant revision to guarantee the correct use of your plant and achieve maximum efficiency. Let us provide your company with the necessary materials as well as with the planning of electrical installations from scratch, restructuring and expansion of electrical circuits.

Each installation is planned and executed, always taking care of the security norms to certify that all your personnel is out of danger and to avoid possible accidents.

Industrial rewiring to ensure better performance

We recondition all your electrical equipment and circuits through rewiring to ensure better performance, so that you avoid high repair costs and production downtime. ​​We recondition all your electrical equipment and circuits through rewiring to ensure better performance, so that you avoid high repair costs and production downtime. This service starts with the general evaluation of the circuit, the planning of the rewiring up to the installation and commissioning of the circuit again.

Through programming you can create processes to control the flow of actions

This service enables your company through programming to create processes for controlling the flow of actions and instructions in the algorithm of your machinery during production. With the assistance of control functions you will achieve the modification, interruption and change in the order or flow of actions in an intentional, monitored, easy and safe way.

A PLC control is guaranteed to monitor components, generate self-diagnostics to detect possible failures and can support you in reading inputs, outputs and processes


If you are looking for a valuable and considerable boost in the automation of your plant and with it the improvement of your production and profitability, what you need is a PLC control. The PLC control is called by its acronym “Programmable Logic Controller”, this control works through an industrial computer previously programmed with the actions to be performed that guarantees meticulously monitor the components and generate a constant self-diagnosis to detect possible failures, it can also support you in reading inputs, outputs, processes and sequences of your machinery.

HMI systems field services

The application of an HMI (human-machine-interface) system allows an operator or supervisor to communicate and interact with a machine through a panel, usually a screen, in order to modify, monitor and coordinate industrial actions and processes during the production line. This system will allow you to see graphically and clearly in real time the current status of machine components, parameters and operating processes; you will be able to ensure efficiency and optimization at all times.

An industrial robot is automatically controlled and capable of recreating articulated movements and human pressures to ensure the automation of heavy tasks and the safety of its operators

Implementing an industrial robot in your company guarantees the automation of time-consuming and heavy tasks in a matter of minutes to ensure the safety of your operators and all your staff in general. An industrial robot is designed and manufactured according to the needs of the production line, it consists of a fixed or mobile, multifunctional and reprogrammable machine that is controlled in an automatic way capable of recreating human articulated movements and pressures but with a surprising strength and speed.

Industrial mechanics service provides maintenance and repair of all your machinery

With our industrial mechanic service we assure you the maintenance, adjustment and repair of all your machinery, we have highly qualified personnel as well as all the necessary equipment to guarantee that your machine works in optimal conditions.

Industrial redrawing allows you to graphically visualize your plant layout to scale so that you can make modifications prior to installation

If what you need is to redesign your industrial plant, we can capture your ideas with our experience to achieve the best distribution and construction of the areas that make up your factory and thus to improve the procedures and flow of tasks. The great advantage of having an industrial redrawing plan is that you will be able to visualize in a two or three dimensional graphic way the distribution to scale of your plant to be able to make modifications before its installation.

Engineering services range from production line, machinery and product design to process configuration

If you have a manufacturing plant, industrial engineering services are indispensable for the correct execution of the production line, the efficiency, and the safety of your operators. Engineering services range from production line, machinery and product design to process configuration, planning and troubleshooting.

Poka yoke is a fail-safe system that seeks to reduce and prevent possible future failures

Japanese quality tool used to minimize or avoid errors during production and maximize the level of efficiency. This system can be designed and implemented in such a way that human or automated failures can be easily detected.

Avoid wasting time on unnecessary checks and implement a Poka Yoke system that allows you to detect and anticipate a possible error, quickly identify the possible damaged area and the causes of the failure.

Design parts with new added features totally customized and with unique designs and combinations

During this industrial process a piece of raw material can be modified, cut, punched or pressed with the intention of giving it the shape and size suitable or desired for its manufacturing process, which allows us to make combinations, unique and customized designs with the highest quality.

A pneumatic system works by compressing and releasing compressed gas or air

A pneumatic system works by compressing and releasing compressed gas or air to perform some automated function. Unlike other systems, pneumatic systems are extremely simple, have lower costs and are easy to maintain. This system is ideal for automating the movement, displacement and stacking of parts quickly.

Convert your machinery into competitive machines with the latest technology in the market through our Machinery Repair and Refurbishment Services

Buying new machinery can be a very strong investment that affects the finances of your company, however there are alternatives such as the renovation of your current machinery and converting it into a competitive machine with the latest technology in the market. We have the parts and tools necessary for the renovation of your equipment and machines that are becoming obsolete.

Total and partial repairs of your servomotor at electrical and mechanical level

It is necessary to monitor the proper functioning of the servo motor as it performs important tasks such as automatic control, speed control and position control. We have the experience and the necessary equipment of the highest quality to make total and partial repairs to your servomotor at electrical and mechanical level, always maintaining its characteristics and properties.

The electrical repair service, guarantee the correct operation of your machinery and avoid delays in production

Avoid delays and failures in your production, with our industrial electrical repair service you will have the guarantee of a correct operation of the electronic circuits of your machinery and your factory in general, our electrical repair service goes beyond replacing and repairing the parts that damage the circuit, we also focus on making a correct analysis and detection of faults and testing once the repair is completed.

Spindle repair services with a detailed inspection and analysis

The performance of a spindle motor is completely linked to its maintenance and repair if necessary. We are aware that it is essential for you to recover the investment of your machinery through production. We offer you spindle repair services with a detailed inspection and analysis, disassembly and repair of spindle motors so that you can continue to produce without any difficulty.

If you need advice on the best option in optimization and automation for your company, do not hesitate to contact us, remember that our mission is to ensure that your company obtains quality, efficiency and practicality in all its processes.

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