Conveyors Belt for industrial automation solutions

Conveyors Belt for industrial automation solutions

Conveyors belt are perfect if the materials and products you manufacture are fragile, because this conveyor provides greater stability, prevents breakage or spillage or when the piece has an irregular shape and does not allow it to adapt to a roller conveyor, this is thanks to the smoothness of its belt, the perfect speed control and that the transport system will be designed according to the needs of your plant.

Automated and customized industrial conveyor belts
How does a conveyor belt work?

They move in a motorized and automatic way through rollers or drums usually made of metal and on them a belt that allows it to move always forward. Being a customized conveyor system it is possible to control its speed and length so the conveyor ensures that your goods arrive in optimal conditions to any part of your factory.

Benefits of a conveyor belt

  • More systematized production.
  • Reduces risks for your operators.
  • Optimizes el tiempo.
  • Increases the quality of the final product.
  • Customized according to your sector.
  • Adaptable for future improvements and changes.
  • Improves your plant logistics.
  • Industries that use conveyor belts

Automotive industryConveyors belt automation solutions automotive industry

A conveyor belt in the automotive industry can be a great help due to the complex shape of some parts and may not fit well on a cylinder conveyor.

Agricultural IndustryAutomated and customized industrial conveyor belts

In the agricultural sector a conveyor belt can support you to transport food of all kinds, but it is a great option especially if you work with grains such as beans, seeds and corn, however to have greater stability and smoothness is perfect for larger fruits and vegetables.

Conveyors belt automation solutions Manufacturing

A conveyor belt is ideal if your company is dedicated to the manufacture of fragile products, which need to be assembled or require handling by an operator, this applies to processed food products, beauty products, hygiene, among others.

Construction industry
Conveyors belt automation solutions construction industry

A conveyor belt can be a great ally for a construction company thanks to its flexibility and resistance. It is ideal for loading construction materials such as cement, gravel, bricks, among others, facilitating the work, reducing the risk for its workers and saving time.

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